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Helen and Sarah - Buddy 24/01/2013
Daniel and Freya have been wonderful. Our dog, Buddy, adored them both and he had a very happy time on ... [More]

Henry and Bonnie - Bali 06/01/2013
Paw Prints walk our Dachshund Bali three times a week. Both Freya and Daniel are very friendly, always ... [More]

Becky, Brighton 09/09/2010
Paw Prints have been walking my dog for the past 3 years and I think they're absolutely brilliant. Freya ... [More]

Chris & Tess - Floyd 09/09/2010
Paw Prints provide an excellent service. They walk my labrador four times a week and he is always so ... [More]

Crispin and Kendall - Wilfie 09/09/2010
Paw Prints give a fantastic service and have proved a bit of a life saver for our family. We feel totally ... [More]

Graham and Nick - Ferris 09/09/2010
We have been using Paw Prints to walk our whippet every week day for the past 3 years and they have been ... [More]

Frances - Bolly 21/11/2009
Friendly dog lovers, who are professional, trustworthy and reliable.  What more could one ask for? ... [More]

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